Faculty & Staff


Park’s phone system (automated directory, extensions, and voicemail) number is 716-839-1243.
A receptionist is also available during business hours and can be reached at 716-839-1242.

The Admissions Office can be reached at x135.
The Business Office can be reached at x102.
The Development Office can be reached at x104.

The directory below provides direct contact information for faculty, staff, and administrators.

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  • Ana Grujic

    Ana Grujic

    English Teacher
    716-839-1243 x208
  • Tom Gruszka

    Tom Gruszka

    Staff/Student Support
    Maintenance Engineer
    716-839-1243 x123
  • Katherine Haq

    Katherine Haq

    Core Teachers
    Grades 5 and 6 ELA and History Teacher, Grade 5 Homeroom
    716-839-1243 x161
  • Maria Hardcastle

    Maria Hardcastle

    Performing Arts
    Strings Teacher
    716-839-1243 x162
  • Charles Hartney

    Charles Hartney

    Staff/Student Support
    US Dean of Students, English Teacher
    716-839-1243 x244
  • Jennifer Henshue

    Jennifer Henshue

    Staff/Student Support
    Director of Summer Camps and Auxiliary Adventures
    716-839-1243 x133
  • William Hilbert

    William Hilbert

    Staff/Student Support
    Technology Fellow
  • Joelle Hiller

    Joelle Hiller

    Mathematics Teacher
    716-839-1243 x149
  • Carolyn Hoyt Stevens

    Carolyn Hoyt Stevens '81

    Executive Director, Park Foundation
    716-839-1243 x104
  • Marcus Hutchins

    Marcus Hutchins

    Physical Education
    Director of Athletics and Physical Education
    716-839-1243 x128
  • Tanja Ilic

    Tanja Ilic

    Staff/Student Support
    School Psychologist
    716-839-1243 x110
  • Beth Anne Jeswald

    Beth Anne Jeswald

    World Languages
    French Teacher
    716-839-1243 x227
  • Jodee Johnson

    Jodee Johnson

    Performing Arts
    ESL and Music Teacher
    716-839-1243 x116
  • Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    Staff/Student Support
    International Program Coordinator and History Teacher
    716-839-1243 x215
  • Adrian Kahaner

    Adrian Kahaner

    Staff/Student Support
  • Bob Keller

    Bob Keller

    Staff/Student Support
    Director of Buildings
    716-839-1243 x123
  • JoAnne Leugemors

    JoAnne Leugemors

    Staff/Student Support
    Assistant Business Manager
    716-839-1243 x101
  • Andrea Martzolf

    Andrea Martzolf

    Core Teachers
    Kindergarten Teacher's Aide
    716-839-1243 x131
  • Karen Miller

    Karen Miller

    Director of College Counseling
    716-839-1243 x120
  • Jerrold Miraglia

    Jerrold Miraglia

    Performing Arts
    Band Instructor
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