Faculty & Staff


Park’s phone system (automated directory, extensions, and voicemail) number is 716-839-1243.
A receptionist is also available during business hours and can be reached at 716-839-1242.

The Admissions Office can be reached at x135.
The Business Office can be reached at x102.
The Development Office can be reached at x104.

The directory below provides direct contact information for faculty, staff, and administrators.

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  • Leslie Occhiuto

    Leslie Occhiuto

    School Librarian
    716-839-1243 x122
  • Tanya Okoniewski

    Tanya Okoniewski

    English Teacher
    716-839-1243 x144
  • Monica Padmanabha

    Monica Padmanabha

    Core Teachers
    Lower School Director, Grade 4 Teacher
    716-839-1243 x142
  • Jill Paolini

    Jill Paolini

    Core Teachers
    Grades 5 and 6 Math and Science Teacher, Grade 6 Homeroom
  • Kyle Polaske

    Kyle Polaske

    Visual Arts
    Art and Drama Teacher
    716-839-1243 x137
  • Bill Rider

    Bill Rider

    Director of Technology / CIO
    716-839-1243 x121
  • Melissa Rotert

    Melissa Rotert

    Staff/Student Support
  • Kim Ruppel

    Kim Ruppel

    Staff/Student Support
    Associate Director of Development
    716-839-1243 x130
  • Apryle Schneeberger

    Apryle Schneeberger

    Science Teacher
    716-839-1243 x210
  • Kennedy Schultz

    Kennedy Schultz

    Director of Studies
    716-839-1243 x147
  • Anna Scirri

    Anna Scirri

    Physical Education
    Physical Education, Health Teacher
    716-839-1243 x129
  • Michele Shadden

    Michele Shadden

    Staff/Student Support
    716-839-1243 x112
  • Michal Shmuel-Lewis

    Michal Shmuel-Lewis

    World Languages
    Hebrew Teacher
    716-839-1243 x159
  • Gregory Soden

    Gregory Soden

    English Teacher
  • Suzanne Thepaut-Hasselback

    Suzanne Thepaut-Hasselback

    World Languages
    French Teacher
    716-839-1243 x134
  • Britton Thomas

    Britton Thomas

    Core Teachers
    Grade 1 Teacher
    716-839-1243 x207
  • Jose Vega

    Jose Vega

    Staff/Student Support
    Grounds Chief
    716-839-1243 x123
  • Bethany Ward

    Bethany Ward

    Performing Arts
    Vocal Music Teacher and Choir Director
    716-839-1243 x115
  • Kevin Wartinger

    Kevin Wartinger

    Physical Education
    Physical Education, Health Teacher
    716-839-1243 x117
  • Nirit Weiner

    Nirit Weiner

    Judaic Studies Teacher
    716-839-1243 x165
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