Faculty & Staff


Park’s phone system (automated directory, extensions, and voicemail) number is 716-839-1243.
A receptionist is also available during business hours and can be reached at 716-839-1242.

The Admissions Office can be reached at x135.
The Business Office can be reached at x102.
The Development Office can be reached at x104.

The directory below provides direct contact information for faculty, staff, and administrators.

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  • Amber Anderson

    Amber Anderson

    History Teacher
    716-839-1243 x160
  • Liridon Asllani

    Liridon Asllani

    Director of Finance
    716-839-1243 x102
  • Caitlin Bearss

    Caitlin Bearss

    Staff/Student Support
    Events Coordinator
  • Marnie Benatovich Cerrato '90

    Marnie Benatovich Cerrato '90

    Director of Enrollment Management
    716-839-1243 x107
  • Cheryl Benzinger

    Cheryl Benzinger

    Core Teachers
    Kindergarten Core Teacher
    716-839-1243 x131
  • Jeremy Besch

    Jeremy Besch

    Head of School
    716-839-1243 x109
  • Dana Cohen

    Dana Cohen

    World Languages
    Spanish Teacher
    716-839-1243 x125
  • Lisa Conrad

    Lisa Conrad

    Staff/Student Support
    World Languages
    MS Dean of Students, Spanish Teacher
    716-839-1243 x166
  • Katie Danieu-Schiess

    Katie Danieu-Schiess

    Director of Human Resources and Administration
    716-839-1243 x109
  • Adrienne DeGroat

    Adrienne DeGroat

    Science Teacher
  • Mike Deitzer

    Mike Deitzer

    Mathematics Teacher
    716-839-1243 x211
  • Margaret Diamond

    Margaret Diamond

    Science Resources Coordinator and Science Teacher
    716-839-1243 x201
  • Amy Diati

    Amy Diati

    Staff/Student Support
    Administrative Assistant and Receptionist
    716-839-1243 x100
  • Angela DiSalvo

    Angela DiSalvo

    Director of Academic Operations
    716-839-1243 x114
  • Chris Downey

    Chris Downey

    Core Teachers
    Staff/Student Support
    Grade 3 Core Teacher, Lower School Soccer and Basketball Coach
    716-839-1243 x206
  • Molly Drozda

    Molly Drozda

    Core Teachers
    Early Education Assistant Teacher
    716-839-1243 x127
  • Macarena Fritz-Cefaratti

    Macarena Fritz-Cefaratti

    World Languages
    Spanish Teacher
    716-839-1243 x145
  • Stephan George

    Stephan George

    History Teacher, Upper School Student Government Adviser
    716-839-1243 x248
  • Tammy Giancola

    Tammy Giancola

    Mathematics Teacher
    716-839-1243 x138
  • Nathaniel Gray

    Nathaniel Gray

    Staff/Student Support
    Enrollment Management Associate
    716-839-1243 x135
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