A lifetime love of learning starts here in a caring, stimulating environment where children have the freedom to explore, grow at different paces, and flourish.

Housed in their own bright and airy bungalow, students enjoy the luxury of a play-based, child-centered program. Children experience a wealth of hands-on learning opportunities in the group gathering space, a kitchen/art room, a large activity room, and a resting room. This ample physical space, in addition to the beautiful campus, supports Park’s strong commitment to giving children the freedom to explore their own potential and satisfy their curiosity. PreK students walk around campus with their teachers getting fresh air as they head to specials like art, music, library, and gym. Through free play and teacher-directed learning times, students build social, academic, and motor skills while they learn to treat others with respect and kindness. Academic content is integrated throughout the day.

PreK Curriculum Guide