Environmental Education & Science

Our campus provides incredible resources for environmental education and the study of all sciences, including a stream, pond, marsh, deciduous woods, wetlands, and rolling fields.

Facilities supporting environmental education and science include the newly opened Knopp-Hailpern Science Center.

Putting Science on Display: The Knopp-Hailpern Science Center

At 11,400 square feet, our new science education building offers students five state-of-the-art classroom spaces. The purposeful decision to leave the ceilings exposed and utilities visible helps Park put science on display for its students each day. This concept of science on display is amplified thanks to the extensive use of glass curtain wall throughout that allows staff and students to always be connected with the outdoors. The building includes an interactive space geared for younger learners, the Berardi Field Station. It is designed with a glass overhead door for easy access to the nearby pond and marsh, which helps students move between the building and surrounding outdoors quickly to conduct research and advance their studies.