Lower School

First Grade

Park’s First Grade students take another giant stride in their journey to becoming independent lifelong learners! Ample opportunities abound to explore Park’s greatest resource, its natural environment, including lessons with Earth Spirit Educational Service and integration into science experiments, the visual arts, and more. 

Social growth is fostered through the Responsive Classroom program and is further developed through various opportunities to engage with their division counterparts in the Middle and Upper Schools.

First Grade Curriculum Guide


English Language Arts: Listen and speak effectively, demonstrate competence in the reading process, and demonstrate competence in the skills and strategies of the writing process.

Math: Understand number sense and numeration, perform mathematical operations and solve problems, use measurement and geometry.

Social Studies and STEAM: Discuss current events and holidays; use map skills; read about and discuss events in American history; research and compare other cultures; collect, discuss, predict, and record scientific data; make and use models and projects; and read, discuss, and learn about nutrition and good health habits


Britton Thomas

Britton has taught in Park's Lower School since 2011. 

Britton holds a Master's in Literacy Education from the University at Buffalo. She earned a B.S. in English-Creative Writing and holds New York State teacher certifications in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from The College at Brockport. Her professional experience includes scheduling, developing and implementing lessons, assessments, behavior management plans, collaboration and co-teaching, and tutoring. She is also actively involved in learning about and implementing Responsive Classroom practices.

Outside of the school day, Britton has coached the upper school girls lacrosse team. She developed the lacrosse program in 2013.  She co-developed an after-school book club for lower school students to further develop their love for reading.