College Counseling

Senior Seminar

In September, all seniors begin meeting once a rotation for Senior Seminar.

Mrs. Miller will focus on all significant activities that are central to senior year: being a successful college-bound student, applying to college, completing senior thesis, and planning and implementing a senior project. Dr. Anderson will assist in Senior Thesis preparation.

Students are directed through an organized schedule that will allow them to complete the thesis on time and plan an exciting project. Both the thesis and the project guidelines are undergoing a review that will result in some changes from recent years. Seniors will receive information in a timely fashion for both major graduation requirements.

Senior Seminar is a graded class. Seniors earn points for meeting their responsibilities. The different parts of the application process, community service completion grade 9-12, Senior Thesis steps, and Senior Project steps all earn points. Attendance and timeliness are also part of the grade. 

students participating in senior seminar